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SVNGMC Yavatmal MBBS Admission Notification 2018-19
Panic Alarm Ststem 2nd Extension
  Biometric Machine 2nd Extension   
EPBX System for New Adm Bulding
  EPBX System for Isolation WD & Hostel   
Panic Alarm Systme 1st extension
Biometric Machine 1 st extension
Hard disk 8 TB 
Central Oxygen pipeline
  Central Vacuum Pipeline   
   Scrub Typhus & Dengue Kits Quotation  
   Canteen E-Tender advertisement  
   Panic  Alarm System Quotation  
Maintanance Advertisemnet
  Battery Operated Mobile Biometrice Machine  
Water cooler spare part advertisement
  New extention oxygen pipeline advertisement   
Pressure washer machine Quotation
    CCTV Camera & DVR Quotation  
Hostel Bed Quotation reserve for Small scale industries
Roti Maker Quotation
   Girls Hostel Mess Quotation  
Open Quotation Notice for the supply medicines/drugs.pdf
Rediant Warmer & Phototherapy Unite Repair Quotation 2nd Extention
  CCTV Camera,DVR & AVR System Repair & Maintenance Quotation 1st Extention  
Kit,Chemical & Glassware Advertisement 2nd Extention